Terms of Use

1. Use of the Website

  1. Prior to your use of this website (https://ajinomoto-mau.com; hereafter collectively called the “Website”), please read through these Terms of Use (hereafter called the “Terms”) and you may not use this Website unless if you agree to the Terms.
  2. Ajinomoto Co., Inc. (hereafter called “Ajinomoto”) may change the contents of the Terms without notice.

2. Prohibition

  1. You are prohibited from the following acts in connection with the use of the Website.
    1. Any act that will or may violate Ajinomoto’s or any third party’s property or privacy.
    2. Any act that will or may disadvantage or cause damage to Ajinomoto or any third party.
    3. Any act that will or may be offensive to public policy.
    4. Any criminal act or any act that will or may lead to a criminal act.
    5. Any business or commercial activity or any act conducted in preparation for any business or commercial activity.
    6. Making false statements or notifications, including registering someone else’s e-mail address as your own.
    7. Using or providing computer viruses or other harmful programs.
    8. Any act that will or may violate any law, regulation or ordinance.
    9. Any other act that Ajinomoto deems inappropriate.
  2. If Ajinomoto finds that you have committed any of the above prohibited acts, it may delete all or part of the data concerned without prior notice to you. However, Ajinomoto does not have any obligation whatsoever to constantly monitor the Website.

3. Copyrights

  1. All copyrights and other rights in the information contained in the Website are vested in Ajinomoto or the right holders who have granted Ajinomoto the license to use the rights. Therefore, beyond the scope of private use of the information permitted by law, you may not engage in any unauthorized use of such information (including making copies of, falsifying, and distributing the information).
  2. All copyrights to the contents of any e-mail sent from Ajinomoto to you are also vested in Ajinomoto. Therefore, you may not publish or use such contents for other purposes without authorization.
  3. All trademarks and service marks used on the Website are vested in Ajinomoto or the right holders who have granted Ajinomoto the license to use the marks. Therefore, you may not engage in any unauthorized use of the trademarks and service marks.

4. Disclaimers

  1. While Ajinomoto is attentive in the creation and management of all information contained in the Website, it does not provide any guarantee whatsoever on the accuracy and completeness of such information.
  2. Without notice, Ajinomoto may suspend or terminate the management of the Website and may alter, amend, or change all or part of the information contained in the Website.
  3. Ajinomoto is not liable for any damage arising to you as a result of your use of the Website or inaccessibility of the Website for whatever reason or for any damage arising in relation to posts, unauthorized accesses, comments, or transmission of e-mails by any third party (including any damage you may incur from any dispute you may have with another visitor).

5. Handling of Personal Information

Ajinomoto promises to use your personal information appropriately in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

6. Recommended Environment

We recommend the following environment when browsing the website. The website may not display or behave correctly when viewing with browser other than the browser recommended.

  • Windows10 Chrome (latest version)
  • Mac OS10.14 Chrome (latest version)
  • iOS 12.x Safari (latest version)
  • Android 9.x Chrome (latest version)

7. Proposals on New Product Development, Etc.

Ajinomoto cannot accept any ideas, memos, concepts, or any other proposals you might send (hereafter called the “Proposals”) with respect to new product development, marketing, and the like. You need to know in advance that any such Proposals you send will be deemed to have been sent based on the following understanding.

  1. Ajinomoto is not liable to maintain confidentiality of the Proposals.
  2. Ajinomoto has no obligation whatsoever to consider or assess the Proposals.
  3. Even if Ajinomoto develops its ideas that are similar, all or in part, to your Proposal, Ajinomoto has no obligation whatsoever to you.

8. Linked Sites

Ajinomoto is not liable for any damage arising from contents of any third-party websites linked to this Website (hereafter called the “Linked Website”) or from the use of the Linked Websites.

Linking to the Website is free, in principle; provided, however, that Ajinomoto may, depending on the contents of the Linked Website or the method used for linking, refuse linking either before or after the link is established (for reasons such as the contents are offensive to public policy).

9. Cookies

  1. The Website may use a technology called “cookies” for the following purposes.
    1. To enable you to more conveniently use the Website when you revisit it.
    2. To measure and analyze how the Website is used.
  2. When you visit contents that issue cookies, the cookies will be set in your computer. However, the stored cookies will not contain any personally identified information related to you.
  3. By changing the setting on your browser, you may refuse to accept cookies. By doing so, however, some parts of the Website may become unusable.

10.Governing Law and Competent Court

  • The Website and the Terms will be construed and managed in accordance with the laws of Japan.
  • The Tokyo District Court will have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance over disputes related to the Website or the Terms.

* Web Analytical Tools

Some parts of the Website use web analytical tools to improve usability of the Website for you and to provide beneficial information services. The privacy policy of each tool can be found on the following website.

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About our trademarks

Registered trademarks

The followings are some representative trademarks owned by Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

In our website, the registered trademarks are displayed with ®.

If ® cannot be displayed for some reason, the registered trademarks are displayed in Italic or with “ ” (double quotation marks).

AJI-NO-MOTOumami seasoning
AJI-SHIOseasoning mix
HONDASHIsoup stock
Masakoseasoning mix
Aji-ngonseasoning mix
Sazonseasoning mix
Dona Gustaseasoning mix
SERI-AJIseasoning mix
魔厨高湯seasoning mix
Aji-no-meninstant noodle
Oyakatainstant noodle
MIDpowdered juice
PAL SWEETlow calorie sweetener
CRISPY FRYseasoned breading mix